Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Literature Review for Idea 3

Idea 3_Tidal Simulator

1. What is the actual pattern and timings of the sea tides?


2. How will we attach the pumps?
3. Do we need drainage pipes?

Singapore has two low tides and two high tides everyday. However, these tides are inconsistent as their level and timings changes everyday (Tan, 2009). Thus, we will be taking the tide timings for one day and the average of level of 3 days. This will be repeated everyday in our tank.

One way to arrange the system would be to have a 'dam' in the tank. During high tide, the dam would be high so the water level could rise and during low tide the dam would be lowered so the water flows into another tank.

 Water being pumped in.

High tide.
Valve plate opens to let water flow to create  low tide. 

Another way would be to slowly lower an object into the tank during high tide, forcing the water level to rise and then bring it out during low tide, so the water goes back to its original level. 

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