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For sea creatures living in the intertidal zone, high tides and low tides are a customary part of their daily lives. When they are placed in tanks, they are not able to experience them anymore and this affects their health. Singapore has two high tides and two low tides every day, each lasting about 6 ¼ (tides4fishing, 2014).

Our goal is to simulate these sea patterns and timings under a controlled environment, which would be the set-up of the tanks. Our design would enable a closely resembling sine curve to be generated with accurate timings. After testing the set-up, we achieved the desired graph, which is the closely resemblant sine curve, with the appropriate timings and water level.

With this tide simulator, marine life will be able to adapt better in the tanks, ameliorating their growth, which will allow better research or experimentation on them. On a small scale, restaurant owners can also store creatures, such as crabs, in the set up so they can be sold fresh. This could even be used in larger aquariums as a tourist attraction.

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